Welcome to We Bee Happy Designs!

Who are we?

We Bee Happy Designs is an independent studio that specializes in Mental Health and Motivation for those who are struggling. I know I have a tough time staying motivated and productive as a self employed artist; and that working a 9-5, while trying to fulfil personal goals, can be extremely tough. Combining illustration, graphic design and sociology is something I have wanted to do for a while and I'm finally doing it! ‚ÄčAt WBH, you'll find illustrations that will (hopefully!) make you smile and designs that will help motivate you to find your own happy. The team at WBH is on the smaller side consisting of Bee (That's me!), Gizmo and Oliver (see About the Artist to meet them!). Our goal is to help those who are struggling remember that they are not alone and together, we can work towards finding our happy!



We Be Happy Designs is proud to be a Queer and Trans small business.

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