P is Full of Pride!


I have been an avid Blue's Clues fan for my entire life. I grew up watching the show every day and it has just remained one of my special interests into my twenties. The new show, Blue's Clues and You!, is a wonderfully modern adaptation of the 1996 version. Like the original premise, it teaches kids a large variety of learning styles. On February 11th, the Blue's Clues and You! official YouTube channel posted their own version of the ABC song. This song featured Blue dancing along next to things pertaining to the theme of that letter. P represents LGBTQIA+ Pride and has Blue standing amongst various pride flags like the Lesbian, Asexual, Non-Binary and Intersex flags. For a show aimed at young children, namely preschoolers, this is a huge deal. I am a queer and non-binary person and seeing my favorite show, that I've been watching for over 20 years, highlight and celebrate pride made me feel incredibly valid and I can only hope that kids who watch the show feel the same when they grow up and look back on that small blue puppy.


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