Bee Driscoll

Hi! My name is Bee and I’m a queer nonbinary illustrator and graphic designer based in Massachusetts. I am currently working part time in retail while also running my small business, WeBeeHappy Designs, since 2017. 

I mostly do digital illustrations using my iPad Pro 11” and will use gouache/watercolors, colored pencils and acrylic paint when I illustrate traditionally. While I have experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from school, I use Affinity Designer and Photo for any vector designs and photo editing.


I’m on a journey to find my own happy and I want to help others along their own journeys. My goal is to remind people that self care, self advocacy and self love is not selfish.

Studio Partners




Oliver is a 2 year old studio cat. He enjoys getting in the way and scratching every piece of furniture he comes across (example: the chair he's sitting in). When he's not causing trouble, you'll find him on his back in the kitchen, fast asleep after a good meal.

Gizmo was a 3 year old parakeet and studio partner at WeBeeHappy Designs. Unfortunately, he passed away on 9/17/2021. We miss him so much and we will strive to work as hard as he did every day. Love you, buddy💛


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